C.M.I, a global producer of hinges for household appliances.

Among the leading companies for the design and production of mechanical hinges for household appliances, C.M.I. is recognized for its technological innovation and service, always in line with the latest market trends. With know-how skills built over 30 years of experience and high-tech products, the company is committed to meeting clients' specific needs and offers customized solutions in a synergistic relationship based on unique collaboration. 


The partner that's always by your side

Among some of the world’s leading companies in the design and production of hinges for household appliances, C.M.I is an Italian company that produces reliable and quality products.
Always driven by innovation, we guarantee our clients a high level of service and competitive solutions at a sustainable cost by presenting ourselves as a development partner that applies high-quality standards in its day-to-day activities.


The centrality of the Person

We believe that a value system based on realizing one's dreams is the basis for every successful business. This is why, with responsibility, determination, and passion, we work to create authentic and performing solutions, responding to the concrete needs of the end consumer. 
This is only possible with our collaborators' fundamental contribution, who daily contribute to achieving the highest level of quality present in C.M.I products. They are considered a precious resource and an added value to the company, and with much pride, we continuously invest in the growth of their professional skills.


Who we are